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Tailored suit for Business

Traditional tailored suit

These are the basics of any gentleman's wardrobe. Most often a dark color (navy blue or coal grey), the traditional suit is timeless and can be worn during any occasion (work, ceremony, dressy night out,...).


This is a two-piece suit of which the proportions evolve slowly with time. The lapels are of average size (7 centimeters, most often), the jacket is of standard length (covering all of the backsides, up to the crotch), and the jacket's exterior remains quite sober.


In terms of cut, the trend is going towards fitted. Slim fit suits tend to be too restrictive and do not provide the comfort and freedom that is required of a traditional tailored suit.

Trendy tailored suit

The trendy tailored suit follows fashion trends without being afraid to violate the traditional codes! The lapels are narrow and the jackets are shorter.


The cut of the jacket is very close-fitting and the pants are often as slender as possible with the lower leg sometimes reduced to 17 centimeters.


Regarding fabric, there are fewer rules. trendy suits can be traditional (coal grey, navy, black) or brighter (electric blue, light grey,...), or even eccentric colors for the more adventurous. 


Finally, the customization is more liberal: buttonholes and buttons in contrast, or even very decided color choices and lining details. 

Heritage tailored suit

These are suits with features that stem from the Sartorial, Italian, or English traditions. 

The fabrics are more varied and patterns appreciated (Prince of Whales, broad stripes, window-pane...).

Regarding the lapels, whether small-notched or straight, they are more generous in size: at least 8 centimeters, and all the way up to 12 centimeters for the most daring.


Double-breasted jackets have regained popularity, and the wearing of a 3-piece, with or without a mismatched waistcoat, is equally appreciated by individuals preferring this range of tailored suit. 


The work of assembling a suit is also an important element for the aficionados of this world. They don't hesitate in choosing traditional compositions (full canvas) or certain particular details such as the 'Milanese' buttonhole. 

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