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Casual attire

Traditional casual


This is the domain of "Friday wear", or in other terms: the outfit that smooths over the transition from corporate suit to laid-back weekend attire. 


The traditional blazer can be worn with the most versatility. Most often, it is navy blue with a relief weaving (quilted, mesh,...).  

As for the pants, the color is often navy, beige, or grey. Finally, in terms of fabric, we find cotton, whipcord, or even heavy wool. 

The shirt is often for a less formal outfit than the full suit, but also very dressy.

Trendy casual


For a trendy, relaxed outfit that nevertheless remains dressy, it is quite suitable to wear a fitted jacket over a tee-shirt, with jeans and dress boots to finish the look. 


While black and coal gray are often the rules during the winter, in the summer cotton and linen make their appearance with bright colors (red, green, light blue,...)  which are particularly prized. 


The cuts are fitted, the jacket is short, and a refined style in the features is important: thin lapels, pockets without folds,... 

Heritage casual


In keeping with the Heritage tailored suit, the Heritage casual attire corresponds to sartorial codes: larges lapels, a pronounced rolled shoulder, or 'Napolitaine' for enthusiasts...


For the jackets, patterns are often encouraged (checked pattern, Prince of Whales, window-panes...) and colors are mixed. Depending on the fabric and desired style, the pocket choice can vary patch pockets with or without folds...


The waistcoat, worn alone or in contrast with a vest, is a much-appreciated option. It allows most notably for creativity with patterns/colors. Finally, regarding the pants, narrow-legs are not too pronounced and cuffed pant-legs are often employed.

Casual attire gallery
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