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Tailored coat

Traditional tailored coat


This is the most ubiquitous coat form found and also the most adapted to being worn with a suit.

The tailored coat can be made single (3-button) or double-breasted. 


The most polyvalent colors are navy blue and coal grey. If you desire to complete a wardrobe already furnished with the classics, camel or light grey are two great alternatives.


In terms of features, the shape of pockets, the type of placket (hidden or exposed buttons), the collar (turned up or down), the thickness of the lapel and the color details can be adapted according to taste. 

Rates for tailored coats (CAD)

Starting from

800 $

Average price

900 $ - 1 400 $

Tailored coat gallery
Manteau camel / beige
Manteau sur mesure tendance
Manteau beige sur mesure en Camel
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