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Tailored Suits



The men's suit is an essential piece of the male wardrobe, especially within a professional context.

The cut of a tailored suit, the drape of quality fabric, or even the customization details: all elements that allow you to stand out from the crowd and express your personality through your attire. 

From more classic cuts to trendy creations, Blandin & Delloye adapts to your needs in order to offer quality and long-lasting tailored suits. 

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In keeping with the bride's wedding dress, we wish to render the creation of a wedding suit a pleasurable moment in the preparation phase of the event. 

The creative undertaking regarding a wedding suit is particular and necessitates a different approach. The length of the appointment is prolonged to 2 hours. It begins with a discovery phase and continues through a discussion of the customization possibilities of your wedding suit. Whether the wedding is rustic, rock, or more traditional, Blandin & Delloye will bring about creation in your image.


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Worn with a chino, jeans, or suede pants, the casual vest dresses up an outfit in any circumstance! From the spring/summer vest crafted with bright colors, to the timeless grey flannels of autumn and winter, without forgetting the noted return of tweed for a more English style...  the variations are many and the customization possibilities nearly infinite.

The casual outfit not being limited to the jacket, Blandin & Delloye propose tailored pants as well in order to mix up outfits. The materials that we offer are cotton (for chinos), linen, and wool with different weavings (flannel, whipcord, thick twill,...).

Finally, the Maison Blandin & Delloye also produce mismatched waistcoats to wear with a suit or with a more laid-back outfit.


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