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The concept

Our approach

The approach at Blandin & Delloye is simple: return to the basic principles of the traditional tailor by adapting them to current trends. The meaning of hospitality, exchanges, time dedicated to the client, technical knowledge of the trade: so many elements that we desired to place at the heart of the concept.


Stop the time for a moment, and let yourself be carried to Blandin & Delloye's world. From your first steps into our showroom at 395 Notre-Dame Ouest Street, in Montreal, you will feel as though you’ve gone back in time. You will be immersed in a cozy gentleman’s club universe which will conjure up the atmosphere and service of old: Chesterfield armchairs, antique books, wood furniture, guéridon, and soft lighting. 


Each client is individually received for 1 hour and a half (and up to 2 hours) in our private lounge. There is thus a true exchange between the advisor and the client. This time is necessary in order to properly perform our measuring task, alterations, and comprehension of needs. Within the framework of a tailored suit, this moment will also allow the client to completely customize his creation.

Affordable quality

From the tailored shirt to the tailored suit and coat, Blandin & Delloye offer very high-end products. They combine the historical expertise of great tailors and the efficiency of new technologies.


Although our position is resolutely focused on the quality of the products and service, we wish to remain affordable to the greatest number with a policy of adaptable and affordable pricing. 


Blandin & Delloye would like to become "the great address" of the elegant and sophisticated man; the address which one can no longer do without once discovered.

How our appointments work

For all of our tailoring offers, the Blandin & Delloye Maison works by appointment only. There are 3 types of appointments : 

  1. Discovery. 30-minute appointment during which Blandin & Delloye's expert discusses our tailoring approach and the client’s project.

  2. Order. Between 1 to 2 hours to take body measurements, to try on the templates (in order to identify the desired cut and the morphological alterations needed), and to choose the characteristics (fabrics, linings, pockets, buttons, etc). 

  3. Fitting. Once the tailored suit arrives, a first fitting is performed in our boutique. During this appointment, we verify together that everything fits perfectly, that the alterations correspond to your physique. If necessary, complementary adjustments are performed within 7 days. 

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